Chrystallia and the Source of Light

Chrystallia And The Source Of Light is a life-affirming story about a thirteen year old girl and her nine year old brother who, on the eve of their last Christmas with their dying mother, find themselves on a perilous, magical journey through an underground, medieval world where everything and everybody is made of crystals and minerals — in search of the source of light.

Written by artist and actor Paul Michael Glaser and inspired by the story of his family, Chrystallia and the Source of Light is a story about facing one's greatest fears — about overcoming, transformation and transcendence.

Chrystalla by Paul Michael Glaser
Chrystalla by Paul Michael Glaser

Lost in the dark

That night, after falling down a strange portal hidden underneath their Christmas tree, Maggie and Jesse find themselves lost in an unknown, underground world of darkness, with nothing to light their way home — nothing except a flashlight, and Jesse’s need to believe.

Enter The Kingdom of Chrystallia

Jesse’s single beam of light ricochets, splitting again and again into a deafening lightstorm that leaves them surrounded by a vast world of crystals and minerals, vibrating and pulsating with light — the Kingdom of Chrystallia, where everything and everybody is made of crystal.

A dying world

The Chrystallians believes that the light which created them has always been there, and will always be there. Light is their god. It is eternal.

And yet, the light is fading. Their world is dying. 

A perilous journey

In order to be able to get back home to their mother, Jessie and Maggie set out on a perilous journey to find the source of light — said to be guarded by Metamorphos, the Wizard of Is, in the land of Metamorphia.

Through the netherworld

Hunted by dark forces desperate for light, the children journey together with a band of helpful crystal beings through the vast netherworld — through the haunted shadowland of Fossilia, where all errant souls are crushed by stone, and across the fiery Land of Magma, home of the fierce Ignei.

Trapped in the dark

Trapped in the growing darkness, Jesse and Maggie must discover the true source of light — to return to their home, the world above, or be forever lost.

There is a light that never goes out

When there’s almost no hope left, they learn that what scares them the most, can awaken their greatest treasure – their inner light.